Thursday, July 9, 2009

Card Club, July 8, 2009 - Theme: Thinking of You

Hello Everyone. After almost three weeks we are back to our bi-weekly card club gatherings. This weeks theme was Thinking of You. Starting off with the far left card in the center. This card was designed by Sue M. Next in top center card was designed by Marilyn. Then we have Sue R. in the top right corner. To the bottom center card was designed by Terry and the bottom right card was done by Gloria. Some very bright and vibrant colors were presented this week and all just turned out lovely. This was another great weeks of card designing. Tune in next time when our theme is: Birthday!

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Marie with a :-) said...

Great cards...thanks for sharing. Do you just come up with a theme and your group designs whatever they want?
I've been MIA for awhile so I probably missed a lot of your posts - I'll have to come back and check them out later but for now its my bedtime...